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Wednesday wisdom – 1 August

My team has been on a roll recently with what we call “voice of the customer” conversations. We develop technology for the corporate treasury space and have been able to dive deep into the process that some large companies use to handle the processes that our software can help manage.

These are not sales calls; instead of trying to talk with these companies about why they should use our product we are listening to what they do currently: what jobs are they trying to accomplish, what parts of their regular workflow are painful, what current tools do they use and what have they put together outside of any system to manage the issues they face? A small part of what we’ve talked about in these discussions involve showing the product suite we offer but our goal is to learn from these practitioners about what they do currently.

These are not product demonstrations. We are asking questions about how these people manage their work currently and trying to discover things we might be able to do in the future; we aren’t trying to show the features of our existing offering.

I am fortunate to have good connections with several of the folks on our business development and customer relationship teams – folks who recognize the value of these kinds of conversations and who are willing to set them up for me. I learn a lot of valuable information from these calls that informs the way we develop our product. As we look toward the fall I am excited to continue frequent interactions with clients and prospects so that I deepen my knowledge of the market we are trying to serve. I’d love to have multiple voice of the customer conversations every week, but in truth it’s not that simple.


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