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Learning by listening

Yogi Berra said it best: “You can observe a lot just by watching” (image from quotefancy). I had an opportunity last week to do some of that watching at a conference that brought together practitioners across the industry for which my team develops software. Working on product solutions in an Agile environment makes it vital… Continue reading Learning by listening

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Fostering innovation

Originally posted on InTruthItsNotThatSimple:
Recently I spent ninety minutes with our full development and product teams listening to a series of two minute pitches on ideas for our quarterly ‘hack week’ event.  As a company we’ve been doing this for the past few years – setting aside one week every quarter for our development team…

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Technical debt

The topic of technical debt came up in a couple of settings this week at work.  I’ve written about this topic before here (among other places) but two different situations raised this issue in the past week and a third provoked an interesting set of questions. First was a response from one of my readers. … Continue reading Technical debt

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Prototypes for complex software

I mentioned in my last post that I wanted at some point to share more of my thoughts about using prototypes when developing highly complex software solutions.  While the ideas are fresh in my mind I wanted to write some about this now. When I talk about prototypes I do not mean the first ‘beta’… Continue reading Prototypes for complex software

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Balancing Act: Who decides when new features are ready?

As I launch into this new series I’m calling Agility, I had planned to begin with one or two ‘big picture’ postings about the Agile Manifesto and core principles.  I still plan to write these posts soon, but if you follow me on Twitter (@asbiv) you might have noticed that an issue came up at… Continue reading Balancing Act: Who decides when new features are ready?

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Tend the backlog

In my current blog series on the primary responsibilities of Product Owners, I’ve talked already about the importance of regular communication with the Product Manager and the value of telling stories – specifically of generating user stories that prompt good conversations among the development team members about what users are trying to accomplish. I received… Continue reading Tend the backlog