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Listening to the market – outside in

So a couple of weeks ago I started a ten-post blog series on Agile planning with the following rough outline: What’s so hard about Agile planning? The planning onion (or is it a flame?) Listening to the market – outside in Product roadmaps When worlds collide: functionality that impacts across products Sprint planning: how much… Continue reading Listening to the market – outside in


Agile · Planning · Product management

The Agile planning onion

I recently heard someone at my firm lodge the following complaint about Agile: ‘The trouble with developing software with Agile is that it tends to be very reactive as we build to satisfy the most recent requests; instead we need a more proactive and long-term approach to thinking about our software development priorities.’  To offer… Continue reading The Agile planning onion

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How new ideas impact the sprint team

Over my last few posts (back in the fall) I talked about understanding and improving the velocity or productivity of a project team.  The idea of achieving a sustainable and rapid development pace can be complicated by many factors but hopefully the ideas I wrote about in the past few entries have been useful in… Continue reading How new ideas impact the sprint team