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Stepping Stones: Memoir of a Life Together

My 30th book of the year is one I gave my wife as a Valentine’s Day gift in 2013 and only now got around to reading myself.  It is a memoir written jointly by Alice and Staughton Lynd about their involvement in communities promoting peace and justice over the past roughly 60 years.  From involvement… Continue reading Stepping Stones: Memoir of a Life Together

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Looking for the MVP

With the Major League Baseball All-star game coming up I’ve been thinking about MVPs.  But probably not the way you’re thinking of.  Instead of wondering who the most valuable player will be for the American and National leagues, I’m thinking about minimum viable products. In the software development world, the concept of a minimum viable… Continue reading Looking for the MVP

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Simplicity and saying ‘no’

Having already posted my two-part blog on the Agile principle of simplicity I now find myself in the position of offering my third posting on this topic.  And of course the third piece of my two-part blog has me thinking about my favorite four-part trilogy (check it out:  Here I want to focus on… Continue reading Simplicity and saying ‘no’