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The role of Product Managers

As I put together some new blog posts in the next few months I also want to continue revisiting some older posts as well. I finished reblogging my old Monty Python-based entries on the role of a product owner and now I want to revisit the second ‘arc’ of my blog by discussing again the… Continue reading The role of Product Managers


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Product owners stand on a bridge

Originally posted on InTruthItsNotThatSimple:
A big part of how I see my role as a Product Owner in an Agile environment is to bridge the gap between the business and the developers.  On one side of the bridge is the Product Manager, whose primary goal is to hear and relay the voice of the market. …

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The role of strategic thinking

I came across this quote in a book several of us are reading in my firm: The job [of the product manager/product owner] is to maintain and promote the product vision.  In practice, this means documenting the vision, sharing it with stakeholders, incorporating feedback, generating features and stories, setting priorities for release planning, providing direction… Continue reading The role of strategic thinking

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Looking for the MVP

With the Major League Baseball All-star game coming up I’ve been thinking about MVPs.  But probably not the way you’re thinking of.  Instead of wondering who the most valuable player will be for the American and National leagues, I’m thinking about minimum viable products. In the software development world, the concept of a minimum viable… Continue reading Looking for the MVP