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Meetings that matter

With no near-term end in sight for social distancing and working from home, I’m experimenting with new ways to empower my team and make sure crucial issues get the attention they need. One way I’m doing that is by having two types of meetings with my teammates on a regular basis. At the start of… Continue reading Meetings that matter


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Product owners stand on a bridge

Originally posted on InTruthItsNotThatSimple:
A big part of how I see my role as a Product Owner in an Agile environment is to bridge the gap between the business and the developers.  On one side of the bridge is the Product Manager, whose primary goal is to hear and relay the voice of the market. …

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Voice of the customer

I’ve written before about the importance in Agile software development of listening to the market to learn about painful and pervasive problems people will pay you to solve, and I’ve talked about ways that my team is engaging in more of these “voice of the customer” or “VOC” conversations both in person (where they work… Continue reading Voice of the customer