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Two good listens (plus 1)

I’ve been listening to some good on-line presentations and speeches lately and wanted to share them here. I also want to recommend again a podcast I mentioned in my last post: Inside Intercom. I called out their most recent episode – an interview with Laura Klein – but wanted to say that as I’ve started… Continue reading Two good listens (plus 1)

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Don’t drop the ball

In the midst of a very busy time I’m reminded of some of the core responsibilities of Product Owners at my firm (where the role straddles some typical duties of a product manager and a scrum master). Here are quick notes on what is surfacing: Know the details. As a product owner it is important… Continue reading Don’t drop the ball

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New series on messy reality

In the coming weeks I plan to post a series of blogs on how the wonderful theory of Agile software development intersects with (or sometimes crashes into) the messy reality of developing products in the real world.  The company I work for adopted Agile almost 10 years ago (shortly after I started working there) yet… Continue reading New series on messy reality

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Product Management and User Experience virtual conference

I spent the day yesterday (February 3) at an all-day virtual conference on how product managers (or ‘product people’), designers (or ‘UXers’), and developers (or ‘engineers’) can work well together (the PMUX conference).  The conference involved six presentations from some luminaries in the field whose books, blogs, articles, and even tweets can be insightful and… Continue reading Product Management and User Experience virtual conference

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Notes on Scrum Alliance Product Owner Training

I spent two days this week getting certified as a scrum product owner through Scrum Alliance (find out more about all this here if you’re interested: The company where I work in software development and sales has been using the Agile methodology with Scrum for almost nine years (they were just starting this at… Continue reading Notes on Scrum Alliance Product Owner Training