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Let’s schedule a meeting for that

Today something happened that I have experienced multiple times in the past few years.  A question came up in our daily scrum meeting about the way two features need to interact in our product.    Both are new features (though they leverage some of our existing functionality) and the team has been making great progress on… Continue reading Let’s schedule a meeting for that


Never invite sales people to a meeting

Originally posted on Under10:
In a well-run organization, each role has a single orientation; they either support [individual] customers or they support the market.—Peter Drucker, American management consultant. What do you think sales people should be doing? (It’s not a trick question.) The things you probably thought of were: building relationships with customers, helping them…

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Personal planning: reflections on my own daily planning post

Writing my latest blog post on daily planning as part of the broader Agile product development plan got me reflecting on some of my own planning tools and techniques.  I wanted to share some of those thoughts here. First of all I should acknowledge that I am a huge fan of planning.  I’ve found both… Continue reading Personal planning: reflections on my own daily planning post