Support: the product manager’s secret weapon

Great thoughts here from a guest blogger. As someone who cares about thrilling our clients with products that more than meet their needs, I truly appreciate the reminder to talk with your support team. We get lots of our best ideas that way.


Guest post by Susanna James

As a product manager, you want to build products that people want to buy and that customers love. But when was the last time you actually heard from your customers about what they like or dislike about your product? How often do you consider customer feedback when you’re planning product updates?

For many product managers, the main channel to customers is through the sales team. Sales teams know which features sales are won on and which they’re lost on. Sales knows what features prospects are asking for and can place a direct monetary value on implementing such a feature request. But sales people listen to sell; they don’t always listen to learn.

Basing your product roadmap on ad-hoc promises made to win a sale is a sure-fire way to lose sight of your vision for the product, and doesn’t actually address the needs of your end…

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