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Open floor plans

When I started working for a financial software company back in 2002, most of us had our own cubicles and all of the ‘higher ups’ had their own offices. Today I work for a firm with an open floor plan for developers, consultants, sales folks, and senior executives with only a few offices mainly for… Continue reading Open floor plans


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User Research for Everyone

Earlier this week a group of people from my company attended a virtual conference on user research for everyone; the focus of the seven sessions was about the value of conducting consistent research on how people in your target market are using your product (or your competitors’ products) so that you can enhance what you… Continue reading User Research for Everyone

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Assessing Growth in a Post-Growth Phase

Originally posted on Applied Product Management Leadership:
As product leaders, we should be able to assess where along the product maturity curve our products fall.  The answer provides guidance on where to go next.  Introduction, growth, maturity, decline (or perhaps extension) … each phase has its own set of challenges and will yield a different strategy going forward.…