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Technical debt

The topic of technical debt came up in a couple of settings this week at work.  I’ve written about this topic before here (among other places) but two different situations raised this issue in the past week and a third provoked an interesting set of questions. First was a response from one of my readers. … Continue reading Technical debt

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The goal of sprint planning

Early on in this set of blog posts about Agile planning I talked about the common image of the planning onion, in which there are different layers of planning that start with the widest strategic view and progress all the way to daily planning.  So far I have written about strategy and portfolio planning in… Continue reading The goal of sprint planning

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How new ideas impact the sprint team

Over my last few posts (back in the fall) I talked about understanding and improving the velocity or productivity of a project team.  The idea of achieving a sustainable and rapid development pace can be complicated by many factors but hopefully the ideas I wrote about in the past few entries have been useful in… Continue reading How new ideas impact the sprint team

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Finding a sustainable development pace

I have been writing in the past two posts about finding and maintaining a sustainable development pace flowing out of reflections on the following Agile principle: “Agile processes promote sustainable development. The sponsors, developers, and users should be able to maintain a constant pace indefinitely.”  I’ve written about understanding and measuring velocity and about the… Continue reading Finding a sustainable development pace

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Understanding velocity in product development

I wrote recently about sustainable development and wanted to follow this up with a piece focused around something we’ve been talking about a lot on the project teams I serve as a product owner: how can we understand and increase our velocity?  Velocity is about the productivity of the development team and this can be… Continue reading Understanding velocity in product development