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New series on messy reality

In the coming weeks I plan to post a series of blogs on how the wonderful theory of Agile software development intersects with (or sometimes crashes into) the messy reality of developing products in the real world.  The company I work for adopted Agile almost 10 years ago (shortly after I started working there) yet there are still ways in which we practice what some Agile coaches call “Scrum but” –  meaning that we use Agile with Scrum BUT we don’t do certain things that the methodology dictates.  We wrestle with balancing opportunities for custom development that serves a single client versus developing a product that serves a wider market, and we struggle to prioritize the many good opportunities we have when we only have limited developers to build out our product suite.  I’ve already started drafting the first two pieces in this series but I expect a few more posts to emerge in the coming weeks so stay tuned.  As always, thanks for reading.


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