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Fostering innovation

We just finished another successful ‘hack week’ that saw some great technical discoveries, some fun cross-team UI projects, and lots of learning across our tech team. So here are some thoughts of mine from a previous innovation week; they still ring true today.


Recently I spent ninety minutes with our full development and product teams listening to a series of two minute pitches on ideas for our quarterly ‘hack week’ event.  As a company we’ve been doing this for the past few years – setting aside one week every quarter for our development team to explore ideas and innovations that excite them.  Lots of firms do this kind of thing (including Google and 3M – check the link here for more information: and our company just finished our most recent iteration.

What do we do for hack week?  Folks across our consulting, product, and development teams collaborate to pitch ideas about new technologies to explore, fresh design ideas to prototype, and interesting problems to dig into.  Some of these ideas flow directly from issues that our clients encounter, and hack week gives us a chance to explore potential approaches to solving…

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