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Questions on the bridge

I recently hit the four year mark with this blog and I’ve been going back to reread some of my earlier posts. This is one of my very first, in my opening blog series using images from Monty Python’s Holy Grail to talk about the role of a product owner in an Agile environment. The points here are as relevant now as when I wrote them almost 4 years ago. Enjoy.


I wrote earlier that one of the key ways to think about the role of product owners is to say that we stand on a bridge connecting the voice of the market with the world of the developers.  My goal is not to serve as a barrier between the business side and the technology side; instead my job is to facilitate and encourage strong communication among all of the members of the product team.

Even though I don’t guard the bridge, one well-known bridge guard poses three key questions that I think product owners have to raise to deepen the communication among product team members.  With apologies to Monty Python, allow me to frame these three questions (see for the original):

  1. What is your name?  Before a question can get a good answer, we have to know who is asking it.  Does the issue being raised come from…

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