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Usagi Yojimbo – Book 2: Samurai

Stan Lee calls Stan Sakai’s stories of Usagi, “one of the most original, innovative, well executed comics books anywhere,” and I can understand why.  The book I read (my 29th for the year) tells the story of a young rabbit (all the characters in the series are anthropomorphized animals) who studies to become a samurai and then sees his master betrayed and killed – leaving Usagi a ronin or master-less samurai.  Stan Sakai has been writing and drawing Usagi stories (all in balck and white with gorgeous color covers) for decades and while most of the time each story is stand alone the opening four books tell the full origin story.  Much of the art in this early story is beautiful in its simplicity, and the story carries real emotion as Usagi learns and grows.  I expect to read more tales of this honorable warrior in the future.


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