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Baltimore volume 1: The Plague Ships

The first volume of Baltimore by Mike Mignola is the 28th book I’ve read this year; it tells the opening chapter in the story of Lord Baltimore and his hunt for the ancient vampire Haigus.  The hatred between Baltimore and this vampire is personal and their war has raged for years before the opening of this volume.  Baltimore has suffered greatly in his pursuit of Haigus and Mignola conveys his weariness as well as his ferocity in this story. With gripping art and excellent coloring, this volume introduces not only Lord Baltimore and Haigus but other characters who will become important – including a priest who appears in the final panel of the book.  This book is another great recommendation from the folks on the Paperkeg podcast and I encourage you to check out both this story and that podcast if you’re a fan of excellent graphic novels and comic books.  The first volume is available for free if you subscribe to Comixology Unlimited so you can even read it easily.  Enjoy.


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