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Ethical Business Ideas

The company where I work has a strong focus on both shaping an ethical work culture and impacting the wider financial industry in ways that encourage broad adoption of ethical practices. These ideas resonate deeply with me so I was glad when one of our senior leaders pointed folks to this article on ethical systems… Continue reading Ethical Business Ideas

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Two more graphic novels

As the year winds down here are two more quick notes about graphic novels I read this past week – books 47 and 48 for the year. The first is volume 2 of Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky’s hilariously inappropriate Sex Criminals, subtitled Two Worlds One Cop. While the story remains consistently funny with few… Continue reading Two more graphic novels

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The End of The World – two books

I wanted to share brief notes on two books I’ve finished recently (numbers 37 and 38 for those of you still counting).  Though there are many differences between the two both paint a somewhat bleak and dystopian vision of the world we live in – and both are well worth reading if you get the… Continue reading The End of The World – two books