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Monday musings – 23 July

Some quick notes about things on my mind heading into this week:

Gratitude: My wife got home this weekend after three weeks in England studying Shakespeare; while I am grateful for the fun my daughter and I had together while my wife was away and also grateful for the chance my wife had to enjoy her trip, I am very grateful to have her home again.

Expectation: I read multiple books at once (not to mention several comic books or graphic novels) and occasionally it happens that I finish several of them at the same time. That recently happened and so I am starting 4 new books this week, all of which I am looking forward to diving into: a short book on product management, a book on finding purpose at work, a book on peak performers and how to learn from their examples, and a novel by Ursala Le Guin.

Check it out: I’m late the party on this long-running podcast but if you haven’t listened to Yo, Is This Racist with Andrew Ti and Tawny Newsome you are missing some insightful and humorous conversations about race in America.


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