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Friday reactions

Normally on Fridays I will share about something that I have watched, read, or listened to that week. Today I want to lament some things that I am no longer listening to.

I have a long commute (one hour or more each way) and a big part of how I get through that time in my car is by listening to podcasts. Here are my regulars (and one or two that I dip into on occasion):

  1. Pop Culture Happy Hour from NPR – not always a great listen but I consistently discover new things to check out from them
  2. Code Switch from NPR – a solid reflection on issues of race and culture
  3. Inside Intercom – a new one on my list that talks about sales, marketing, and product development
  4. I Read Comic Books – a wonderful podcast with a rotating set of hosts talking about what they are reading as well as addressing issues in the wider medium
  5. Link in Bio – from one of my favorite podcasters, this is show where he interviews people about their favorite books or movies (though the conversations are fairly free ranging)
  6. Radiolab from WNYC – an exploration of science and technology issues and how they impact people’s lives
  7. The Adventure Zone – a Dungeons and Dragons podcast from some funny people
  8. The Micheaux Mission – a review of every black film ever made, and a wide ranging discussion of race in media from two very interesting hosts in Philadelphia

I’ve checked out a few other podcasts but nothing else has engaged me enough to keep listening.


Some of my favorite podcasts have gone off the air in the past months or have announced that they are wrapping up. It is clear that hosting a regular podcast – with all the editing that goes with making it sound good – is a challenge, and so I totally understand why after a few years someone might get worn out by the task. But here are some podcasts I really miss:

  1. Spontaneanation – A long-form improv podcast from the wonderful Paul F Tompkins
  2. Paperkeg – A comics and movie review podcast I loved listening to
  3. Comixology – technically they now do a weekly Facebook live event instead of podcasting but since I’m not on Facebook I no longer hear from two of my favorite podcasters
  4. Secret Identity – great podcast mostly about comics (with some movies, music, and TV thrown in) from two wonderful guys
  5. We Have Concerns – these two guys have been doing three episodes each week on science and modern life that are both insightful and hilarious; they are wrapping up the show in the next week and I will miss them
  6. Politically Reactive – this was a weekly podcast that might (maybe) return addressing issues of race, culture and inclusion from two comedians with solid political insight

I will miss the voices and insights – and the many laughs – that these podcasts provided me; I also need to find a few new podcasts to fill the void left by these departures. So PLEASE post here and send me on Twitter your podcast recommendations. Pop culture, comic books, movies, books, humor, politics, race, leadership – any of the themes you see me writing about here or on Twitter are all potential interests for me. I’d welcome your recommendations. Thanks.


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