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Monday musings – 2 July

Brief notes about what’s on my mind heading into this week.

Gratitude: There’s a group of guys at work with whom I play a regular game of Dungeons and Dragons; yes at my age it’s fun to fully express my nerd-self and spend a few hours every couple of weeks role playing, drinking beers, and hanging out. We had a fun session tonight and I’m grateful for fun in the midst of an often busy and stressful life.

Expectation: Though this feels like a short week with the holiday in the middle (for those of us in the States) I’m in the middle of some good conversations at work about the future direction of the product platform that I help to lead; we are talking about internal communication and external market research and we are planning for the next 6-9 months of product development. I’m excited to continue finding ways to add value for our client base.

Check it out: I was talking with someone at work today about the series of podcasts from Inside Intercom that I started listening to in the past few weeks and I encourage those of you involved in product development or marketing to check them out if you have not done so; they have made a couple of their books available as podcast episodes in addition to the many interesting interviews they’ve done with fascinating people in the industry.

Thanks as always for catching up.


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