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Wednesday wisdom – 27 June

It’s hard to say that I’m starting a fresh discipline with my blog by writing three times each week only to drop the ball on the second day – so i want to at least write something.

Wednesdays will generally be a time for me to share some thoughts on product development and leadership. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about one of the core values of the firm where I work: Do excellent work.

There’s a lot to working excellently in the field of software development, but one idea I’ve been wrestling with is what this value means for how I relate to three key groups of people. I plan to write more on this at a later date but for now let me note the basic concepts:

  1. I need to listen to and learn from our clients so that the solutions we offer provide real value to them.
  2. I need to encourage and empower the people I work with so that they can do their best work.
  3. I need to inform and partner with the key stakeholders in my firm (senior leaders, sales and marketing, other product leaders) so that we can work together in pursuing the company’s strategic goals.

Lots more I want to say about all of this but this is the germ of some ideas I’m thinking through.


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