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Notes on Scrum Alliance Product Owner Training

I spent two days this week getting certified as a scrum product owner through Scrum Alliance (find out more about all this here if you’re interested: The company where I work in software development and sales has been using the Agile methodology with Scrum for almost nine years (they were just starting this at… Continue reading Notes on Scrum Alliance Product Owner Training

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Incorporating new feedback

Although I have talked about this topic before, I cannot write a series of blog posts about Agile planning without acknowledging one of the fundamental realities of software development that Agile so rightly embraces: sometimes your plans need to change. No matter how much time and effort you invest upfront trying to figure out requirements… Continue reading Incorporating new feedback

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Regrouping on Agile planning

Way back in January I posted a plan to write about Agile planning (see the entry here: It was supposed to be a ten-part series that I hoped to complete in 3-4 months.  The basic outline I wanted to cover in this set of posts was as follows: What’s so hard about Agile planning? The planning onion… Continue reading Regrouping on Agile planning