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Summary on my next two posts

It has been a little while since I’ve been in a good rhythm with my blogging but I am trying to get to one now.  I want to work through the remaining posts in the current arc about Agile planning.  Believe it or not I work hard to keep my blog posts concise.  I think a lot about product development and have many ideas I am eager to share, but I try to keep each individual post relatively short and focused.

My next post has grown beyond that.  As I tried to summarize my thoughts on how to handle some of the conflicts that can emerge around Agile planning I found I had too much to say to write a brief post.  I looked for ways to break it into smaller chunks but could not come up with a coherent way to separate the ideas I wanted to express.  So unfortunately my next entry is going to be a bit long, and there are a couple of lingering issues that I will put into a separate post beyond that one.

For those tempted to dismiss the next entry with a TL; DR (that is, too long; didn’t read) I give you the highlights here.  Hopefully this whets your appetite for digesting the full post later.  Thanks.

When conflicts emerge in the planning for the development of inter-related products there are four keys to navigating these conflicts successfully:

  1. Facilitating communication
  2. Articulating trade-offs
  3. Recognizing opportunities for leverage or cross-product benefits
  4. Taking a dispassionate perspective that helps the entire team weigh the relative merits of competing plans

Good product owners can help with these, but of course, in truth it’s not that simple.


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