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Blog renewal

This has not been a good year for blogging for me. The truth is, since my first year blogging I have been much less consistent than I hoped to be. There have been some good reasons for this (as well as some poor excuses). My role has shifted at work and I’ve gotten much busier working with a larger team and a growing product. My initial hope that this blog would ‘contribute meaningfully to a wider conversation about Agile development’ didn’t seem to materialize and so as I found limited external appreciation for this blog I also encountered some resistance at work to devoting my time to this endeavor. I found it easier to spend time in other ways at work and my home/family life kept me plenty occupied during the evenings. And my experiments with different formats and a wider array of topics for the blog actually made it harder for me to focus on writing.

But I still enjoy writing about Agile, leadership, and solution development. I enjoy reading about these topics in other blogs and books and interacting even in limited ways here and on Twitter with other people passionate about these topics. And so I’m setting out to blog regularly again. After all I mention my blogging in my Twitter profile, on my LinkedIn page, and even on my resume so there might be someone out there expecting me to keep this up. And I think I do my own job more effectively as a product leader when I take time to reflect on the principles and practices under-girding my work.

My plan is to resume posting weekly and to keep the topics focused around Agile development and leadership. Other things interest me and I’ll continue commenting on them on Twitter (I might even start another blog to reflect my pop culture interests); but this blog will focus on the same topics that motivated me to start it a few years ago. I might revisit some earlier posts which captured what I think are key ideas about Agile. I’ll post book reviews or article reviews when I read something particularly noteworthy and I expect I’ll occasionally reblog pieces from folks whose perspectives I resonate with.

So if you’ve been a patient follower of this blog in the past you can expect to start seeing regular updates again. And if you’re new here then thanks for checking this out and feel free to peruse the archives. As always, I welcome comments here or on Twitter (@asbiv) and I’m happy to discuss these topics further. I look forward to posting weekly again though as I embark upon this renewed commitment I remember that in truth it’s not that simple.


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