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Peer Coaching

I just read a short piece from the Harvard Business Review about peer-to-peer coaching and found it very intriguing. My firm is piloting a program in this for 2019 and I have the chance to be among the first group working on it. Below is a link to the article and some of the core points. If you’re a leader in your organization – or if you’re simply looking to grow personally and professionally – I’d encourage you to check this out and to look for a way to apply it.


One thing that stood out most to me is the central importance of asking good questions and listening well; too often coaching emphasizes having good answers or advice and I appreciate this article’s stress on asking questions that help people arrive at their own insights. Because the focus is on peer coaching, the article also talks about the value of accountability and encouragement to help folks sustain their commitment to change.

Again, I encourage you to check out the article for yourself. I’m eager to see how these ideas will impact my life and my work in 2019.


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