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Monday musings – 30 July

Some quick notes about things on my mind heading into this week:

Gratitude: In the past week I’ve had several good “coaching” conversations in which I’ve been either coaching folks I help lead or receiving helpful feedback from other people in my firm. As a company we are pushing to grow in how we coach one another and this past week has brought some challenging but ultimately helpful conversations around personal and professional improvement areas.

Expectation: Next week I am happily embarking on some much needed family vacation time and for at least part of the week (which we spend on the beaches of New Jersey) all three of my children will be with us. There’s a lot on my plate to get done beforehand but I am truly looking forward to a week unplugged to relax and read.

Check it out: If you’ve been reading my blog or following me on Twitter you know I am a fan of comic books and the movies and TV shows inspired by them. This past week I finished watching season two of the Luke Cage series from Marvel on Netflix. While by no means flawless this was a good set of episodes with great music and some meaningful themes. If you like such things then check it out; I anyway found it even better than the first season.


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