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Friday reactions – 27 July

Coming off of a full and tiring week I have a general recommendation and a specific one as well. From a broad perspective, I encourage you to have things you do in life just because they are fun. This can feel like a luxury that is tough to justify, but as Stephen Covey argues in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People if you’re going to stay effectively focused on what matters then you need to sharpen the saw – take times to do things that refresh and energize you. Whether it’s reading good books, relaxing with friends, walking in the woods, listening to music – whatever gives you life make sure to find regular time in your schedule to engage in these activities.

One of these fun activities for me is reading comic books (and listening to comics-related podcasts) and one I just finished from a writer I really enjoy is Harrow County by Cullen Bunn. This is a horror comic book and both the story and the art contribute to the creepy feel of the story. I read this book in the past week or so (volume one anyway which is four issues for about a hundred pages) and it was thoroughly engaging. Check it out if you like this sort of thing:

What do you do that brings you life and energizing distraction? Share your recommendations here or hit me up on Twitter @asbiv. Thanks.


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