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Some problems won’t go away

Here’s another reblog of an early post I wrote on being a product owner in an Agile development environment. I hope you are enjoying revisiting these posts (or discovering them for the first time). As the fall begins I will be starting a new series but I am happy reposting some of the things I wrote when I started blogging 5 years ago.


For more than a year the product team I work with has been developing a new product that we will formally unveil next month.  I’ve been routinely impressed with the quality of work the team does, the creative solutions they find to problems, and their ability to balance new feature development with refactoring on pieces of code that were developed before.  The strength of our product helps deepen my appreciation for the Agile software development methodology that I’ve been blogging about.

In spite of the many successes we’ve had, there have also been periods where certain problems seemed to crop up continually.  Each sprint we would think we had solved the presenting issue, only to see it pop up again later.  Or else we would address one aspect of an issue only to find another side of the same basic problem emerge elsewhere.  At some times in the past few…

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