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Clear communiction is crucial

I’ve been traveling (for business and pleasure) over the past couple of weeks but wanted to get back to reblogging my early series on the role of a Product Owner in Agile development. I hope you are enjoying these posts as much as I have liked rereading them. Note that I intentionally left in the same ironic ‘typo’ that the old post had – did you catch it?


The scrum team I work with – like the company that I am part of – is globally distributed.  We have coders and testers spread across offices in Europe and South America as well as in our home office in the US.  This means that our daily scrums involve video calls linking the team members and our work progress each day requires frequent contacts among the team members to make sure we are making meaningful progress toward our sprint goals every day.  It also means that we are working with team members with different native languages – adding another level of complexity to some of our conversations.

All of this makes clear communication crucial.  When we don’t make the effort to ensure that we accurately express our plans and questions and that we fully comprehend the answers and explanations of others, we end up facing the dilemma illustrated here:

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