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One more feature

Summer is nearly over, and so is my reblogging of the original post series I wrote when I began this blog 5 years ago. I enjoyed using one of my favorite movies as a source of inspiration for sharing thoughts on the role of Product Owner in an Agile development environment. These posts were fun… Continue reading One more feature


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Good material I found this week

Even as my work life keeps me busy, I try to keep up with at least some of what other product developers are writing about Agile development and testing. Two of my favorite sources are InfoQ and Stickyminds. You can find them online (at and and on Twitter. InfoQ recently released a couple… Continue reading Good material I found this week

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User Research for Everyone

Earlier this week a group of people from my company attended a virtual conference on user research for everyone; the focus of the seven sessions was about the value of conducting consistent research on how people in your target market are using your product (or your competitors’ products) so that you can enhance what you… Continue reading User Research for Everyone