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Usagi Yojimbo – Book 2: Samurai

Stan Lee calls Stan Sakai’s stories of Usagi, “one of the most original, innovative, well executed comics books anywhere,” and I can understand why.  The book I read (my 29th for the year) tells the story of a young rabbit (all the characters in the series are anthropomorphized animals) who studies to become a samurai… Continue reading Usagi Yojimbo – Book 2: Samurai

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Baltimore volume 1: The Plague Ships

The first volume of Baltimore by Mike Mignola is the 28th book I’ve read this year; it tells the opening chapter in the story of Lord Baltimore and his hunt for the ancient vampire Haigus.  The hatred between Baltimore and this vampire is personal and their war has raged for years before the opening of… Continue reading Baltimore volume 1: The Plague Ships

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Low volume 2: Before the Dawn Burns Us

My 27th book this year is the second volume in Rick Remender’s incredible graphic novel Low.  Again I was astounded and delighted by the story of hope that Remender continues to weave in this futuristic and bleak setting.  Greg Tocchini’s art, Dave McCaig’s colors, and Rus Wooton’s lettering all continue to be great.  This volume… Continue reading Low volume 2: Before the Dawn Burns Us