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Alex + Ada

My 24th book of the year is another good graphic novel from Image Comics; this one is entitled Alex + Ada and I read volume 1 (available for free by the way if you sign up for a 30-day trial of Comixology Unlimited).

If you’re a long-time reader of this blog you know I’m a big fan of digital comics platforms and unlimited subscription models.  I used Marvel Unlimited for years, still read on Thrillbent, and am now giving Comixology Unlimited a try.  Check these out if you enjoy reading quality comic books and graphic novels.

This book tells the story of Alex, a lonely guy in the near future; the world has weathered an uprising by sentient AI in which androids killed people; now all androids are required to have limits placed on their ability to process information that will keep them from gaining sentience.  Alex receives an android from a relative and discovers that there is a community of people who will help him bypass these technology limits and grant consciousness to the android female he has received.

Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn do a great job with the art and story of conveying the struggles that Alex faces; they also begin developing other characters in this first arc – including a ‘freed’ android that can help unlock others – who will clearly play a bigger role as the story unfolds.  Like many first volumes in an ongoing story this book mostly sets up the characters and the world for later development.  There’s enough going on to interest me in coming back.


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