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The Wicked + The Divine – Vol 1

I find our current culture’s fascination with spirituality interesting given that it is paired with a growing percentage of the population that affiliates with no specific faith tradition.  I’m not sure how much this milieu contributes to the broad appeal of the comic book The Wicked + The Divine (my seventh book read so far this year) but it is interesting to speculate on why a story about 12 ‘gods’ from various cultures has found such a strong positive reception.

The basis of the story is this: Every ninety years a group of twelve ‘gods’ are embodied as young people on earth; they are adored or hated and within two years they are all dead; ninety years later the cycle starts again.  I read the first volume, called The Faust Act, which sets us the story and introduces the gods in the current configuration (including Lucifer, Amaterasu, Baal, Sakhmet, Woden, Minerva, Baphomet, Inanna, Morrigan, and Tara) along with other key characters including Laura, Cassandra, and Ananke.  The story by Kieron Gillen plays with mythical elements in an incredible art style by Jamie McKelvie (with fabulous coloring by Matthew Wilson and letters by Clayton Cowles).  By its very nature the story will be tragic – the 12 main characters will all die by the end – and this tragedy begins even in the first volume.  I’ll definitely continue reading this comic to see where it ends up.


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