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Bitch Planet

One review calls it “a comic book love letter to non-compliant women.”  I’d call this sixth book I’ve read in 2016 a great story from Image comics and Kelly Sue Deconnick. Volume 1 of this book introduces some strong characters and also contains some funny and poignant back matter further fleshing out the world of the story. It’s a world where “non-compliant” women are imprisoned  for not pretty or docile enough. It’s a violent and oppressive world perhaps only a few steps removed from our own. A cool art style brings this world to full realization and the added ads and essays offer plenty to ponder in addition to the story itself. I got it as part of a “humble bundle” of Image comics that I am deeply enjoying. Pick it up digitally or in trade paperback if you can. It may be easy for some people to laugh off patriarchy but unfortunately in truth it’s not that simple. 



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