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One of the things I am reading more of these days is other people’s blogs.  I figure that if I want people to read my blog (and I do) then one way to encourage this is for me to read, comment on, ‘like’ and occasionally even repost the blogs of other people.  I’ve shared a couple of these ‘reblogs’ recently but here I will mention two others that I am enjoying.

The first is from Book Oblivion ( and the author is currently giving tips on reading more books this year.  As someone who usually reads 30+ books each year I was amazed to see that Jessica plans to read 100 books.  Her tips (and occasional book recommendations) are helpful in setting goals for reading and while I can’t imagine getting through 100 books this year I am already picking up some good ideas.

The other blog I am reading is from Tickled TK ( and is a celebration of all things nerdy.  She writes about video games, Anime, comics, gadgets, cos play and more and I actually started following this blog because of another one she writes on other parts of her life.  TK revels in geek culture (something I fully appreciate) and it is fun to get her postings a couple of times a week.

How about you?  What blogs are you reading?  What should I check out?  Let me know; and if you like what you’re reading here then please spread the word.  Thanks.


2 thoughts on “Reading blogs

  1. I asked on Twitter, but this might give you more space to respond. I’m just curious what tips you picked up from my blog? Are you already on Goodreads? Let’s connect! Thanks so much for reading!

    1. I saw your comment on Twitter as well but replying here does give more room; thanks. I like counting audio books as part of what I “read” each year. I also like the idea of one chapter per day from each of a few books; I read multiple books at a time and try to balance making progress across each one consistently so this is a good idea. I also like tracking what you read. i tend to do this visually (moving books from my ‘plan to read’ shelf to my ‘already read’ shelves) but this doesn’t work as well with either audio books or Kindle. Thanks for your blog.

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