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A new chapter

I started writing this blog over 6 years ago. I began it to share thoughts and questions about product development in general and the development of financial software in particular. And while the types of things I have shared over those years have varied, this has remained the general focus.

There are blog entries here that I feel quite pleased with, and others that reflect earlier stages in my evolving understanding of the best ways to work with a team to discover and develop solutions to the pressing problems our customers face. I have learned a lot in the past 6 years and writing this blog at least somewhat regularly has helped to crystallize and clarify my thinking.

I appreciate those of you who have read along this journey with me, though I never drew in quite the following I had hoped to. I hope in some small way I have contributed to the conversation about developing solutions in an Agile way. This work is still the crux of my professional responsibilities and so I expect and plan to continue writing here in the future.

But it is also clear to me that trying to write weekly (or on any other kind of regular schedule) is not a goal I can even claim to be striving toward. my blogging will be “officially” shifting to a more periodic basis; I will reblog other people’s ideas that I find striking and add my own thoughts as I have the time and inspiration, but I will not be attempting to post with any regularity.

Knowing that, I want to post today a link to a meaningful podcast episode I heard this week. Like much of what I’ve shared in the past few months this podcast focuses not on software development but on the events of the wider world – in this particularly on the death of Chadwick Boseman. We can never know which public figures will impact us by their deaths but I have felt particularly moved by the death of this actor I never met (as I was years ago by the death of Prince). So if you too want to reflect on some of his legacy I’d encourage you to listen to this podcast, which you can find here.

Whether thinking about my blogging over the years, my career path and professional opportunities, or the impact of public figures and created characters, my appreciation for nuance and complexity repeatedly reminds my that in truth, it’s not that simple. Stay tuned for future posts as they happen, and may you find a good path through your own complexities.


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