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What do you see, what do you hear, what will you do?

This week I again wanted to highlight a different voice from my own. This is from a podcast I recently started listening to and I found the words (and the passion behind them) encouraging, inspiring, and challenging. As protests continue in many communities and a global pandemic continues ravaging the US (with 25% of worldwide cases at present), I value the opportunity to share what other people are saying and doing in this context.

This podcast has been going for years, though I only recently stumbled upon the great work Tyler Burns and Jemar Tisby are doing every week on Pass the Mic. This link is for their episode from last week and I highly recommend listening to it (here’s the link). In it Tyler shares his thoughts on how we might respond with both compassion and conviction to the systemic racism afflicting the nation and recently gaining the spotlight.

Much of this episode is a sermon, and I can tell you Tyler delivers it with passion as he expounds upon Exodus 3. In the middle of the sermon (delivered on the streets of Pensacola, Florida, at the Graffiti Bridge) he has a brief interview with the authors of a book entitled Compassion & Conviction which you can find here. I used to be a preacher 20+ years ago and I loved hearing his exposition. If anyone reading this knows a church in the Philadelphia area with preaching like this let me know and I’ll go there.

These days it remains a balancing act for me to share some of my own thoughts and content around product development and the desire to amplify good voices (who often don’t get the hearing they should) on other relevant topics. I hope you find some encouragement from this podcast if you choose to listen and that you don’t mind my occasionally sharing these ideas from other voices, though of course I know that in truth it’s not that simple.


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