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Nothing new to say

Sorry readers but I’ve got nothing new to say this week.

There are still people of color – men and women – getting killed by police and others in power with the perpetrators of these crimes going not only unpunished but often even avoiding being arrested or charged. Black people, trans people, immigrants, and the many people perceived as “vulnerable” or “powerless” are too commonly and easily crushed, marginalized, ignored, or demonized and then blamed for their own suffering.

Fresh news comes out regularly (for those with ears to hear) about predatory men in so many professions taking advantage of women, predatory whites in power threatening and damaging people of color, and predatory systems providing benefits to the few at the top while allowing them to claim not being ‘personally racist’ in their daily lives.

I’m seeing too many people I care about and respect suffering, hearing too many ‘revelations’ (that some people have talked about in whispers for years but that no one in power believed) about people of influence in industries I care about – often followed by hollow ‘apologies’ that produce no real change and offer no meaningful reparations.

Transforming warped people and systems is never easy – in truth it’s not that simple – and personally I know I have to start by getting the log out of my own eye before harping too much on the specks I see in the eyes of people around me. There’s a lot of hurt, anger, disappointment, and frustration in the world and I see too much of it burdening my friends and my wider community. I appreciate the lights I see in some corners and the hope some people still manage to hold on to, but this week the road feels long, the way feels hard, and the gate feels narrow.

So for today I have nothing new to say. I’m still trying to listen and I hope you will too.


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