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Amplifying more voices

Again this week I want to take an opportunity to direct your attention to people addressing major issues of injustice and racism in the US. Today I will share links to four different podcasts from the past few days each speaking to these issues; I regularly listen to all four shows and encourage you to subscribe as well if you like what you hear this week.

First is a link to last week’s episode of a podcast you’ve heard me talk about before: Inside Intercom. This is a great show I frequently find valuable and last week they took time to share with a podcast called Black Tech Unplugged. You can check it out here.

Second is a show from NPR called Code Switch that focuses on issues of race and culture mainly in the US; this episode was a special one from them sharing a different NPR podcast called It’s Been a Minute focusing on how protests have changed over the years and how Blacks in America talk with their families about police violence differently from the way they speak with white colleagues. You can find it here.

Third is another NPR podcast called Radio Lab which often addresses issues of science and technology; this episode tells the story of a Black science professor and his encounter with the police and you can find it here.

Finally, sometimes we all need a little humor to get through difficult times. I find some of that in the weekly episodes of a show called Yo, Is This Racist? From Andrew Ti and Tawny Newsome. This episode features an interview with the musical duo Black Violin and you can hear it here.

I hope to get back to my regular blog posting next week. But as police continue killing unarmed Black men in American cities (like Atlanta this past weekend) I may again lend my small voice to the calls for justice. I hope you find some insight and encouragement from the podcasts I’m sharing this week. Trying to address the nation’s long history of racism and to find ways to make a difference can feel challenging and discouraging (in truth it’s not that simple) but hopefully we will all do what we can.


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