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Monday musings – 9 July

Brief notes on some of what I’m thinking about at the start of this week.


Gratitude: Coming off of a weekend with beautiful weather, lots of time outdoors, and several fun activities with my daughter – all of which have me energized heading into the week.

Expectation: This week I am heading into a string of meetings about communication strategies and product development plans for the core software product I manage. My hope is that these meetings help more people feel well informed about what we are working on so that we can work together more effectively on the next stages of the growth of the product.

Check it out: I don’t read many comic books from DC (or Marvel anymore for that matter) but I recently started The Long Halloween by Jeff Loeb and Tim Sales and it is so far a fabulous Batman story with cool art. It’s a fairly self-contained story so you don’t have to know a lot about Batman’s wider world than the basic outline of his origins (though some things may resonate more if you do). Folks recommended this story to me for years and I am glad to finally be reading it.


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