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Notes on things to come

As I head into the fall there are a number of topics I hope to blog about – both because these topics interest me and because they have come up in the past few months on the teams that I work closely with. So here are some sneak previews of things I’ll be writing about over the next few months:

  1. Get out of your chair. Whether this means spending time with developers and designers, talking with sales and marketing folks, meeting with other product teams, or getting completely out of the office to visit clients and prospects, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the most effective ways to be out of my seat.
  2. Jobs to be done. I’ve written some on this topic before but it continues to be an interest of mine and I hope to explore my thinking in this blog.
  3. What do we really mean by an MVP? The concept of a minimum viable product gets tossed around frequently both at my company and in the Agile development world and I think not all of the ways this term is used are helpful. I want to dig into that a bit more.
  4. Leadership without direct reports. The role of product owner often involves being a leader for a team that reports to other people; what are the most effective ways to lead people who aren’t directly ‘required’ to follow you?

Look for blog posts on these and other topics (as well as occasional reblogs from former posts of mine and interesting things I find elsewhere) in the months to come. As always, thanks for reading.


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