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Have Brain, Will Travel

I consistently appreciate Patrick’s thoughts on leadership, deep thinking, and learning from diverse sources. I hope you will enjoy this piece as much as I did, and I hope it will inspire you to take intentional time for thinking.

Applied Product Management Leadership

Several months ago, I had the opportunity to watch the A&E series about the life of Albert Einstein.  It was a fascinating view into the mind of a brilliant man.  Make no mistake, he had his flaws from both a social & relational perspective.  But when you look at his curiosity and insatiable desire to understand why things behaved the way they did, you can’t help but think there might be something to be learned from him.

Coincidentally, I starting seeing articles/posts pop up in various places about Albert Einstein … and as I’ve stated, pay attention when coincidences converge.  Here are a few thoughts related to Einstein, leadership, and other random topics.

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