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Brief notes

Posting a little late today because I spent much of the day traveling to a conference. But there are three things on my mind to mention here (many of them referenced on my Twitter feed so check it out if you’re interested @asbiv):

  1. Part of leadership is sharing credit and uplifting the contributions of the team. I had the opportunity earlier today to talk specifically and by name about the key team members I work with and their invaluable contributions to our success. I love getting to highlight what my teammates do and to champion their successes to the rest of my firm.
  2. I’ve been rereading parts of The Mom Test (I blogged some about this book recently) this week in preparation for what I hope will be some good conversations during this conference with the target audience for our product. I’m excited to see how I can ask better questions and dig deeper into the real needs of the companies we are trying to serve.
  3. Lately I’ve been trying to learn how to balance deep expertise and knowledge of the details with broad understanding of strategy and the needs of our market. Given the plans for growth of both our product suite and our team I need to dig into both elements of this balance more and I look forward to continuing this process.

More I cold say but I have a big day tomorrow so I’ll leave things there. Always open to your questions and comments since I am well aware that while I share a few pithy insights here in truth it’s not that simple.


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