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Jupiter’s Circle

My thirteenth book of the year is another graphic novel – volume 1 of Jupiter’s Circle from Image Comics.  Written by Mark Millar and with art from several people, this volume fills in information about characters introduced in Jupiter’s Legacy also written by Millar and drawn by Frank Quitely.  This spin-off series traces some of the back stories of the six main heroes from Jupiter’s Legacy.  Published in 2015, Jupiter’s Circle continues the portraits of these more ‘realistic’ superheroes who wrestle with physical injuries, sexual identity, marital breakdown, and the impact that their public lives have on their friendships.  I’ve heard about Jupiter’s Legacy (including in an episode of one of my favorite comics podcasts Paperkeg) but must say there was nothing in Jupiter’c Circle that makes me very interested in reading the earlier volume.


3 thoughts on “Jupiter’s Circle

    1. So much depends upon what you like to read. There are great graphic novels in so many different genres these days. Let me know what kinds of stories you like and I will gladly recommend some good options. Reach out on twitter @asbiv or email at

      1. Thanks so much for your kind offer! I shall shoot you an email soon, inshAllah (if God wills).

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