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Taking the Lead In A Well Orchestrated Dance

Posting several pieces from Patrick Howard today; he’s an insightful writer and I’m happy to share his thoughts here.

Applied Product Management Leadership

Just getting back into the swing of things after re-charging the batteries a bit on vacation, and came across an article from titled Why CMOs Should Care About The Rise Of Product Management that struck a chord and challenged me this morning.

It’s an interesting read, although a bit more oriented towards digital strategy and consumer brand than the world I live in. Nonetheless, several comments from Andrew Barr Brunger (former exec for Coach and Citibank) especially caught my attention …

  • “Where should we be in nine to 18 months’ time to stay relevant and competitive?”–is getting less attention in the agile-driven product management organization of today than we might think.”
  • In discussing the Agile process within an airline example he states … “Important as these improvements are to the overall pleasure and utility of the flying experience for the consumer, the focus remains tactical. Strategic positioning of both the airline brand…

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