What Were You Thinking?!

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Applied Product Management Leadership

Whether you call them a town hall meeting, an all-hands meeting, a quarterly business review, a state of the business address … I’m sure we’ve all had the opportunity to sit and listen to key business leaders within the companies we serve speak to the broader company.  Sometimes it is compelling, other times not so much.  And sometimes we are left with the thought … “what were they thinking”?

I have to admit that often times I wonder about that about key leaders I’ve been exposed to.  Not in the negative context that you might be imagining right now, but rather in the context of thoughts like:

  • what drives them?
  • how did they get to where they are today?
  • what is the essence of what makes them a good leader?

If you ever have the opportunity to sit and chat with a key business leader to explore these types of questions, jump at…

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