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Refocusing this blog

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while probably know that in 2015 I began an experiment.  After a couple of years of writing mostly about Agile software development and my role as a product owner I wanted to broaden the set of topics i write about.  There are plenty of other things that I enjoy thinking and talking about – including leadership and pop culture – and lots of interesting things I was reading that I wanted some forum to share.  I set about writing multiple blog posts each week centered around these different topics.

Two problems emerged as I attempted to do this.  First, in the midst of a very busy personal and professional life I struggled to find time to write even brief posts every day (I should have learned from my experience writing a daily blog about our sprint development cycle for two weeks some way back – check it out if you’re interested).  Beyond this, I discovered that while I am interested in all kinds of things I’m only passionate about a few – and it is tougher to make time to write articulately about things that simply interest me as opposed to things that I feel more strongly about.

And so I plan to take this blog back to its roots and return to focusing primarily on writing about Agile software development.  From time to time I will still write about other topics when I have something particularly meaningful to me that I want to share, but I want to spend my blogging time (whenever I can carve it out) writing about topics that are more than merely interesting to me.  Hopefully that will make these posts more than just interesting to you loyal readers as well.

I have some ideas i want to explore in the coming weeks about purpose, decision making in complex environments, the role of a product owner or scrum master, and key attributes of effective Agile.  Expect to see posts on these topics and more over the spring.  Twitter remains a great place to read my random thoughts on other topics (follow me @asbiv).  And as always I welcome your thoughts and feedback here.  Thanks for reading.


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