What do you think?

Sometimes my weekly ‘questions’ blog post will have deeper or more personal questions (check out my post from this past weekend for an example here).  Today I have a more mundane and practical question.

What’s the right or best way to use “Tags” and “Categories” for denoting my blog posts?

I’ve recently started blogging about a much wider range of issues and interests instead of focusing almost exclusively on Agile product development and I wonder if there is a helpful way for me to indicate what each blog entry is about.  Should the different topics (reading, questions, leadership, pop culture, Agile, and random) be “categories” while “tags” are used to call out the specific focus within that topic?

What do you think?  How do you search for blogs to read – by tag or category or something else?  I’d love to hear from folks if you have thoughts on ways for this blog to be more effectively organized with tags and categories if you have any thoughts.  In the meantime maybe I’ll categorize this under “questions” and put on a few useful tags.


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