If not you, who?

In my current firm we are wrestling with many of these same issues and trying to figure out appropriate staffing. Do we need a sales engineer and if so what would that person do? Do we need more product owners? How much should product managers or product owners be involved in selling to strategic clients? How can we keep a market focus (building for the many) while not losing a key competitive advantage we have in providing outstanding service to the one? These are key questions and this post from an industry expert offers one way to answer them.

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Don’t drop the ball; either arrange for someone to catch it or let your boss know.—Julie Bick, author, All I Really Need to Know in Business I Learned at Microsoft

My first business trip was from Dallas Love Field (DAL) to San Antonio (SAT) on Southwest Airlines. (Exciting, eh?) On the flight, I was seated next to our VP of Marketing and we talked about marketing and sales. She said something that has been a guiding principle for me throughout my career. “Marketing people move all customers forward in their buying cycle; sales people move one customer forward.”

shouldnotToday I help teams clearly define their roles and responsibilities. What accountabilities to assign to which titles. This “one customer vs market full of customers” rule provides a lot of guidance and we always identify a number of activities that should be done by others.

However, we can’t just stop doing them…

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