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Goals for 2015 and beyond

I spent some time today writing up goals for 2015 and for the next 5 years as part of my ‘end of year review’ for work.  The goals flow from my performance review ending 2014 as well as from my reflections on what I would like to do and how I would like to grow in the next year.  Here are some of my goals:

  1. Grow as a product owner by getting some training, attending some area meet-ups, and reading more books.
    1. I’m going to the Scrum Alliance training in January in Wilmington and would be glad to connect with others either at this training or who have been to similar Scrum Alliance training events in the past.
    2. If you’re part of a Philly-area Agile group I’d be glad to connect.
    3. If you know some great books on product development, Agile, scrum, and the like please recommend them.
  2. Communicate better about what the development team has been doing in a given sprint.
    1. Recently I recorded a web demo for our team and I think I will do more of these in 2015 because it gives me a way to showcase what the team has built.
    2. As we roll out new features and as we explore potential enhancements, I plan to get end-users involved in more user-acceptance testing and review and to spend more time with clients and prospects discerning what the market is looking for.
  3. Train more people on the team to give basic product demos for prospects.
    1. Showing our software to potential clients is something I do really well (that’s what folks tell me anyway) and also something I enjoy; but to grow the way we want to I have to leverage my own skills in this area by training and equipping other people on the sales and marketing team to communicate the central benefits of our product and the problems we are solving for real clients.  I like training people so I’m looking forward to doing more of this.

These are more professional goals; but I have personal goals that overlap these a bit.  As usual I plan to do a lot of reading (I generally get through 10-15 books each year), to keep working on my distance running and my squash game, and to spend as much time outside as I can.

What are your goals – personal and professional – for the new year? Feel free to share them here in the comments section.  Someone said if you aim at nothing you’re sure to hit it, so I’m a big believer in setting goals.  Of course, having a goal and meeting it aren’t the same thing because in truth it’s not that simple.


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